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A starter theme that did all the boring parts
so you can focus on the fun stuff


The Common Denominators Done!

Most sites have a logo and menu.
So why recreate the code for these over and over?
Sea Salt Press is based on underscores and twenty-seventeen and tries to find a balance between being bare-bones and taking care of common stuff.
That’s why we created menu and logo positionings built into the WordPress customizer! We also have a cool native app-like menu option. All that’s left for you to do is tweak the design and colors easily with sass variables. So you won’t have to deal with css layout for menus, submenus, and submenus of those submenus…

Other WOW Factors

SVG Logo

Use the customizer to upload an svg logo and it will appear inline for easy css styling! Also appears on login page.

Custom Fields

For simple sites, create basic custom fields very easily via hooks. No plugins required!

Custom Header

Create custom headers per page and post, without having to make a new php template each time your client wants something new up there!

Cool Sidebar

Enable a cool sidebar that hides your widgets off to the side of a centered site.

Easy Layout

With simple classes and sass variables available it’s easy to create layout and structure. No css frameworks needed.

SVG Icons

Use svg icons or roll your own using Icomoon. It’s really easy! And with the plugin Iodine, you can use a shortcode to access them too with .

And So Much More!

Use a page as an archive header
Automatically adds users role as class to body
Comment Walker all set for changing output of comments
Ajax ready with nonce and admin-ajax.php localized and set

So Give it a try today!

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